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  • Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray
    kr. 100,00kr. 425,00

    Finish your look by making it smudge-proof and water-resistant! Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer locks in your look for hours of performing, entertaining or braving the weather. Keeps makeup in place, even through heavy perspiration!

  • Ben Nye Bond Off! Adhesive Remover
    kr. 75,00kr. 225,00

    Ben Nye Bond Off! Is made to remove most cosmetic adhesives or similar adhesives from skin thoroughly. Extremely effective and smells great. Suitable for removing spirit gum, mastix, prosthetic adhesive, cosmetic glue and many other adhesives. To use, apply Bond Off! with either a sponge or brush to the edges of the prosthetic or crepe hair (or appliance); then gently peel off to remove. Repeat as necessary; brushing Bond Off! further under the peeled edge of the appliance if required. Apply more Bond Off! to completely remove all residue. Then follow with a gentle wash with soap and water, or Hydra Cleanse. May not be suitable for use on sensitive skin, children and sensitive areas. Made In The USA.

  • Graftobian Spirit Gum Matte
    kr. 70,00kr. 375,00

    Spirit Gum, a natural product that's kept in solution with alcohol, is the classic theatrical adhesive. Used for decades by theater and film actors to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications, etc.  Spirit gum is also widely used as the ideal adhesive for Cosplayers, be it foam latex appliances or Steam Punk widgets and gears. Our formulation is second to none!