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  • Full Sclera Contact Lense MesmerEyez 12 months collection
    kr. 375,00

    The   12 Month collection. Completely conceal your natural eye colour with our black sclera coloured contacts. Your original eye colour will completely disappear while your vision remains totally intact.

  • Kryolan Eyeblood
    kr. 230,00

    Eyeblood to be used in the eye area for special effects at film, theather or also ideal for Halloween. Do not use in irritated eye or with lenses. Do not keep in use longer than one month after first opening. Details: 20 ml

  • Kryolan Cream Color Circle-Black Eye
    kr. 190,00

    Cream Color Circle is the classic Supracolor cream make-up in a handy round packaging with 6 colors. Cream Color Circle is perfect for the design of different effects, for example, burned skin, a black eye, or else the illustration of creatures and monsters and many more. The possibilities with Cream Color Circle are virtually endless. Details: 30 g