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  • 3rd Degree Silicone Modelling Compound
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    Alcone's 3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound is an extremely versatile product that can resurface skin, create special effects and even be poured into molds! This Silicone Molding Compound creates realistic wounds, scars, and prosthetics, or fill in uneven texture to smooth out skin. Choose your size, or get both and refill your smaller jar for transporting in your kit!

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    Sculpt Gel is great for small to medium sized casualty makeup effects such as cuts, scars, blisters, swelling, gunshot wounds and other fleshy trauma. Being translucent, soft and flexible it moves with the body. It can be used directly on the skin or in a mould for a quick turnaround appliance or for continuity reasons. It has been tested, developed and improved with feedback from professional makeup artists. Simply mix the part A and B together equally by weight or volume and start to apply to the sculpt, scar or wound or even make a piece like a nose. Be creative - Sculpt Gel comes with a third part that softens the material to a gel for those neck scars where you need that stretch for life like appearance. Wax has been used for years as a quick way of creating directly-applied three dimensional things like cuts, scars, swellings and moles. Gelatine is great for direct applied burn effects, and latex can create peeling skin. All of these can also be achieved with two-part platinum silicone pastes such as Sculpt Gel.