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  • Ben Nye 2oz. Remove-It All Multi Remover
    DKK 100,00

    Ben Nye's Remove-It All easily breaks down heavy creme makeup as well as Spirit Gum, medical and prosthetic adhesives for effortless removal! Gentle and fragrance-free. Yield 15-50 applications per ounce.

  • Ben Nye 2oz.Hydra Cleanser-Oil Free Remover
    DKK 65,00

    Ben Nye's Hydra Cleanse Makeup Remover is an oil-free solution that gently & effectively removes even longwearing makeup. Gentle enough for eye area, this fragrance-free formula sweeps off the day without leaving an oily, heavy residue. Apply with a tissue or cotton pad and rinse with warm water if desired. Also makes for an excellent brush cleaner with brushes used with water-based products. Made in U.S.A

  • Ben Nye Hydra Cleanse Oil-free Makeup Remover 8oz
    DKK 150,00

    Ben Nye's Hydra Cleanse Makeup Remover is an oil-free solution that gently & effectively removes even longwearing makeup. Gentle enough for eye area, this fragrance-free formula sweeps off the day without leaving an oily, heavy residue. Apply with a tissue or cotton pad and rinse with warm water if desired. Also makes for an excellent brush cleaner with brushes used with water-based products. Made in U.S.A

  • Ben Nye Quick Cleanse Gentle Makeup Remover 2oz
    DKK 65,00

    Ben Nye's Quick Cleanse gently breaks down stubborn creme makeup used for stage and performance without any elbow grease! Simply massage into makeup with a cotton pad, sponge or fingertips; wipe with a moist towel and rinse with warm water. Made in U.S.A

  • Ben Nye Remove-It All Makeup Remover 2oz / 59ml
    DKK 100,00

    Ben Nye Remove-It All is used to easily breaks down heavy creme makeup as well as a wide range of adhesives. Quickly and easily cleanses skin from the product applied to it with ease. Suitable to remove cream, water-based, creme and other makeup products. Perfect for dissolving most adhesives including spirit gum, mastix, medical adhesive, liquid latex, prosthetic adhesive and most other cosmetic adhesives. Gentle on skin and fragrance-free. Made in the USA.

  • Ben Nye Remove-It All Multi Remover 226ml (8fl. oz)
    DKK 185,00

    This Ben Nye Remove-It-All thoroughly removes spirit gum, prosthetic and medical adhesives, and similar residues from skin and appliances.

  • Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream-
    DKK 110,00

    Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream is very gentle on the skin and moisturizes through the use of various herbal ingredients such as avocado oil and aloe vera oil. Details: 50 ml

  • Graftobian Aloevation Toning/Smoothing Veil
    DKK 250,00

    An innovative smoothing cream to instantly and visually diffuse lines and wrinkles.

    To use: Use in the morning following moisturizer.  Apply to face and neck, blending downwards.  Allow to dry prior to makeup application.
    Inside the formula: Contains our proprietary natural stone and aloe complex for long-term benefits in the reduction of facial lines and in dermal hydration for a younger-looking skin.

  • Graftobian Creamy Clean Cold Cream Makeup Remover
    DKK 170,00

    This 2 oz. Creamy Clean is a rich, cold, cream makeup remover with a blend of the finest waxes, oils and extracts.  It easily removes all cream and powder-based makeups, while supplying the skin with a soothing blend of aloe and mineral ingredients.

    To use: Apply with fingertips or cleansing pad and use circular motion to gently loosen and remove makeup.

  • Graftobian DermaCare Recovery Balm
    DKK 190,00

    For F/X makeup wearers who heavily overuse and over stress their skin. If your skin is required to be abused due to several quick change makeups, too rapid removal of prosthetics, etc., replenish lost oils and soften your skin with DermaCare Recovery Balm.  By utilizing the unlocked secrets of royal jelly in conjunction with our wellness blend of minerals and aloe, it restores what overuse of makeup can take away from your skin.

    To use: Typically used as a night cream, DermaCare can also be used for those suffering from sun burns or chapped skin and heels.
    Part Number:12796

  • Graftobian Oxyderm Moisturizer
    DKK 270,00

    OxyDerm provides the skin with vital energy to keep it young and healthy-looking.  It contains several exciting ingredients to refine your skin, improve texture, clarity and tone, reduce puffiness and improve the overall radiance of your skin.

    To use: Gently massage into face and neck morning and evening to help deeply moisturize and firm the skin.
    "When you feel this oxygen cream on your face you will feel truly transported as your skin will be soothed and softened without any greasy film or residue. This is an absolutely first rate product."
     - Eric G. Coffman, President, Graftobian Makeup Co.

  • Kryolan Cleansing Milk Plus-
    DKK 85,00

    Cleansing Milk Plus was developed especially to remove make-up, and to effectively care for the skin at the same time. The biological components of Cleansing Milk Plus include extracts from chamomile, calendula, and aloe vera – as well as avocado oil, supported by vitamin E. Even during make-up removal, these ingredients have a soothing effect on your skin. After make-up removal the skin feels relaxed. Details: 250 ml

  • Kryolan Collagen Repair Cream-
    DKK 212,00

    Collagen Repair Cream contains maritime collagen, which can provide multiple compensation for collagen-III deficit: Reduction of collagenase activity, stimulation of the body’s own collagen-IIII synthesis, supply of native collagen, stimulation of formation of hyaluronic acid, which is closely connected to collagen development. But your Collagen Repair Cream can do even more. Its additional carefully selected ingredients provide powerful support with their effective characteristics: Allantoin: Anti-irritant and skin smoothener D-Panthenol: Hydrates the skin and supports moisture balance Aloe Vera: Biological moisturizer a-bisabolol: Active ingredient from chamomile All ingredients help your skin to relax and feel softly supple again – and soften the visible signs of aging. Details: 30 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Cleansing Cream-
    DKK 85,00

    Dermacolor Cleansing Cream is perfectly suited make-up remover for everyday. Dermacolor Cleansing Cream gently removes Dermacolor Camouflage Cream and other make-up foundations. Details: 100 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Cleansing Gel-
    DKK 174,00

    Dermacolor Cleansing Gel is a specially developed remover gel for regular use. Enriched with plant oils for gentle make-up removing. The remaining oil film may be rinsed off with water. Details: 75 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion-
    DKK 156,00

    Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion is a light liquid for gentle cleansing and after-treatment of the skin. Details: 200 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Collagen Cream-
    DKK 90,00

    Dermacolor Collagen Cream is a moisturizing cream with natural collagen and elastin. Dermacolor Collagen Cream cares the skin with special soothing ingredients. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Details: 50 ml

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Light Cleansing Oil-
    DKK 20,00

    Dermacolor Light Cleansing Oil with soothing active ingredients, Dermacolor Light Cleansing Oil enables you to continue cosmetic care for your skin even during removal. This mild oil cleanses gently but deep down into your pores. As the last step, just rinse off with clear water. Details: 150 ml

  • Kryolan Eye Make-up Remover 100 ml-
    DKK 165,00

    Eye Make-up Remover is a dual-phase make-up remover for particularly mild cleansing of the areas around the eyes. Due to the dual-phase a very accurate cleansing will be achieved. No fragrances or perfumes have been added, in order to protect sensitive skin. Eye Make-up Remover should be shaken well before using so that the dual-phase is mixed well. The mixture can now be applied gently on a cotton pad so that the surface is moistened well but should not drip. Now the eyelid can be cleaned gently. May not be recommended for contact lens wearers. Details: 100 ml

  • Kryolan HD Micro Foam Cleanser-
    DKK 160,00

    The HD Micro Foam Cleanser changes after pumping into a rich cleansing foam. The make-up can be removed very gently from the skin with the foam. The added perfume of wild berry yoghurt gives the product a refreshing fruity smell. HD Micro Foam Cleanser is suitable for each skin type. HD Micro Foam Cleanser should be shaken well before using it. The required quantity should be pumped onto a cleaning tissue or cotton pad which can now be applied onto the skin. HD Micro Foam Cleanser can also be applied directly onto the made up skin. The make-up can now be removed from the skin with a cotton pad. A final cleaning with clean water is recommended. Details: 180 ml

  • Telesis Makeup Remover 4 oz
    DKK 100,00

    TELESIS MAKE-UP REMOVER is strong enough to remove adhesive residue from appliances and tattoo colors from the skin, yet safe enough to use around eyes, face, and lips. A gentle, non-greasy, moisturizing cleansing cream, formulated to easily and efficiently remove all traces of make-up, including water-proof eye make-up. Contains vitamins D, E, and allantoin. TELESIS MAKE-UP REMOVER is excellent for removing Skin Illustrator palette and liquid colors. Alcohol free.  Available in 4 oz. and Quart sizes.