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  • Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitiser Mist
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    Oils from your skin and skincare products ultimately wind up on the surfaces of your makeup, leaving bacteria behind – the results of this oil build-up (glazing) BeautySoClean cannot eliminate the damage to old makeup; but daily use of Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist on new makeup will remove bacteria and keep your products looking new. Removes bacteria and germs on powder-based products: eyeshadows, blushers, pressed powder, bronzers, cream-based products: compact foundation, concealers, cream blush/eyeshadows. How to sanitize makeup: Hold Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 6 inches / 15cm from product surface and mist once.

  • Beauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner
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    Life can be a … err … beach! But cleaning your brushes doesn’t have to be. Or now it can be! With BeautySoClean’s new WIPEOUT BRUSH CLEANER cleaning your brushes is smooth sailing! A riptide of our professional strength antibacterial formula literally wipes out the residue and bacteria that lives on your brushes, leaving behind nothing but a clean and soothing scent. Our special ingredient Sea Salt is an eco-friendly and natural stain remover and our new formula is tough on bacteria but gentle on the brushes and your clients’ skin. So let your brush cleaner do all the work and take a beach vacation! PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH ANTIBACTERIAL FORMULA CONTAINS NATURAL OILS AND SEA SALT FAST DRYING PARABEN FREE CRUELTY FREE VEGAN

  • Beauty So Clean Super Clean Brush Cleaner 60ml
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    The SuperClean Brush Cleaner is an effective, deep cleaning makeup brush cleaner infused with sea salt and natural oils. Its clear, fast drying formula quickly dissolves makeup residue while leaving your brushes fresh, clean and soft. It does not leave residue on your brushes, makeup product or on the skin. Fast drying antibacterial formula Contains natural oils and sea salt Paraben free Cruelty free Fragrance free Dermatologist tested, and non-irritating Directions for use: Saturate brushes and wipe out cosmetic residue with paper towel.

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    Sanitize and Reuse False Eyelashes: This gentle disinfecting solution cleans false eye lashes for reuse and extends the life of your lashes. Safe For Natural and Synthetic Lashes: Cleans natural lashes, mink lashes, synthetic fiber and nylon false eyelashes. Prevent Eye Irritation & Infections: This antibacterial formula reduces potential infection causing germs from getting near the sensitive eye area. Remove Adhesive and Build Up from Lashes: This kit makes cleaning makeup buildup and mascara easy and fast. Use brush for best results. Must Have for Professionals and Consumers: Eyelash sanitizing is a must have for any professional and a healthy choice for anyone who wears false eyelashes.