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  • Kryolan Cold Foam SF-
    DKK 906,00

    Cold Foam SF is a fine-pore polyurethane foam consisting of 2 components, with good skin structure for facial and body appliances, for 3-dimensional mask effects. Cold Foam is a reaction foam that reaches a volume 5 to 6 times its original size. The set consists of the 2 components and a release agent. Separately weigh out the correct amounts of the base component and the reaction component. Then, use a disposable cup to manually mix these two components quickly and thoroughly. Next, immediately pour the finished mixture into a mold onto which a separator agent has been carefully applied. The mold must then be immediately closed and fastened shut with a screw clamp or with fastening straps. After 45 to 60 minutes, the mold can be opened and the foam appliances can be removed from the mold after thorough powdering. Cold Foam SF appliances are bonded in place with Spirit Gum or Pros-Aide. Details: 500 ml + 175 ml + 100 ml

  • The Monster Makers Complete Foam Latex Kit (Prosthetic Grade)
    DKK 250,00DKK 750,00

    • Unique chemistry produces a velvety soft foam with extremely fine cells
    • Perfect for a wide range of applications including stop motion puppets, prosthetic makeup-appliances, creature suits, and large animatronic characters for movies and tv
    • Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and all of the necessary components for making foam latex
    • Please note that this product can freeze. Use discretion when ordering during the winter months.