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  • Kryolan Glatzan Bald Cap Uncolored large-
    200,00 kr.

    Glatzan Bald Cap is a especially thin but tear-resistant plastic bald caps, made from the liquid bald cap material Glatzan. This bald cap is available in 2 sizes small and large. Glatzan Bald Cap is placed onto the model and is cut to fit the head. The edges are then secured with Mastix Spirit Gum, beginning with the forehead, then the nape of the neck, and finally at the temples and at the ears. When the plastic cap sits correctly, the edges can be smoothed out with thickened latex or Eyelash Adhesive, before make-up is applied. Although any make-up can be used, we particularly recommend special greasepaint for rubber items. As final step, Translucent Powder is carefully applied to the make-up. Details: size large

  • Kryolan Glatzan L 1000 ml-
    720,00 kr.

    Glatzan L is a liquid synthetic material for creation of ultra-thin bald caps. In a well-ventilated room, Glatzan is thinly and uniformly applied by brush to a head form and allowed to dry. After the surface has dried, this procedure should be repeated at least three times, in order to reach the required material thickness. The outer borders of the cap, however, should consist of only 1 or 2 layers, to provide an especially thin edge for fine transitions. After application of the last layer, the bald cap should be allowed to thoroughly dry all the way through (for 6-12 hours). It can then be thoroughly powdered and carefully removed from the head form. The removal process should start at the nape of the neck and then proceed slowly in the direction of the forehead. Bald caps created in this way should be used only after the fumes have completely dispersed, and after there is no greatly noticeable smell of solvent. Details: 1000 ml

  • Kryolan Glatzan L 1000ml
    720,00 kr.

    Glatzan L er et flydende syntetisk materiale til dannelse af ultra-tynde bald caps. I et godt ventileret rum påføres Glatzan tyndt og ensartet med pensel på hovedformen og får lov til at tørre. Efter at overfladen er tørret, skal denne procedure gentages mindst tre gange for at nå den ønskede materialetykkelse. De ydre grænser af hætten skal dog bestå af kun 1 eller 2 lag, for at give en særlig tynd kant for flotte overgange. Efter påføring af det sidste lag skal hætten have lov til at tørre helt igennem (i 6-12 timer). Den kan derefter grundigt pudret og forsigtigt fjernes fra hovedformen. Fjernelsesprocessen skal starte ved nakken og derefter langsomt fortsætte i retning mod panden. bald caps skabt på denne måde bør kun bruges, efter at dampene er fuldstændigt fordampet, og efter der er ingen stærkt mærkbar lugt af opløsningsmiddel.

  • Kryolan Glatzan matt 500 ml-
    440,00 kr.

    Glatzan Matt is the matt version of Glatzan L for the last coat, to achieve a matt effect. Glatzan Matt is applied thin and uniformly by brush as the last layer on thoroughly dried Glatzan L. Details: 500 ml

  • Mehron Bald Cap
    140,00 kr.

    This professional quality, full size Bald Cap is made from natural latex for a perfect fit. These caps are used by makeup artists worldwide for stage and screen performances. How to use this product: Dampen and slick hair back. Fit Bald Cap over the head beginning at the front and pull back to nape area. Cut latex carefully 1/4” to 1/2” beyond the hairline. Fold Bald Cap edge up and apply Spirit Gum to the edge of the cap. When Spirit Gum becomes tacky, flip and gently press into skin and allow to dry completely. Tip: To finish the application of the Bald Cap and complete the transformation, use Mask Cover Makeup to blend the edges and match the skin. One size fits most. Bald Cap is good for one time application, not reusable.

  • Mehron professional Bald Cap Kit
    250,00 kr.

    Mehron’s professional Bald Cap Kit is a complete kit that enables you to transform into a bald character. Easily add Blue Mask Cover makeup to transform into a Blue Person Character (instructions included). Great Professional Mehron products at an exceptional value! Bald Cap is good for one time application, not reusable.Kit Includes: Step-by-Step Pictorial Instructions, Latex Bald Cap, 5-Color Mask Cover Palette, Colorset Powder, Powder Puff, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge, Latex Liquid, Cotton Tip Applicators and Makeup Remover Cloth.