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  • 2oz. Spritzer Bottle (Empty)
    25,00 kr.

    Missing something in your kit? How about Ben Nye's Empty Spritzer Bottle? The perfect size for a handheld spritzer, this little guy fits neatly into your kit and helps you save space. Leave your big bottles of brush cleaner, alcohol, setting spray or other liquids at home and fill up your Ben Nye Empty Spritzer Bottle with your liquid of choice! Fits 2 fluid ounces and will also fit into most brush belts for quick brush sanitation on the go. Holds 2fl.oz. / 59ml.

  • Ben Nye Blending Spatula ST-5
    100,00 kr.

    Blend products on your palette or fill narrow cosmetic containers with all your favorite colors using Ben Nye's Blending Spatula! This pliant, stainless steel blade is secured in a comfortable wooden handle for convenient use. Wipe blade clean with alcohol. Blade Length: 2.5" / 63mm. from bend.

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Angle
    70,00 kr.90,00 kr.

    These brushes do it all! Ben Nye's Angled Brushes are made with non-porous Taklon fibers to keep bristles free of bacteria and work exceptionally well with moist makeup in particular. The clean, slanted edges make straight lines and fine detailing easy, making these brushes good for a variety of applications, such as for creme or cake liner, brow gel or shadow, eyeshadows of all kinds and lip color!

  • Ben Nye Professional Brushes - Dome
    80,00 kr.100,00 kr.

    Ben Nye Dome Brushes fit into the corners of your eye and other small hollows of the face for adding a small dab of color or patting on a creme highlight or concealer. Made with anti-bacterial Taklon fibers, use them for everything from creme shadows to correctors! Rounded corners allow for soft, smooth blending.

  • Ben Nye Professional Makeup Brushes - Fine Detail
    60,00 kr.120,00 kr.

    Add finishing touches to your look with Ben Nye's Fine Detail Makeup Brushes! Perfect for smaller areas of the face or body, these brushes are made from a range of different bristle types. Find the right shape for eyes, lips and complexion to use with either creme or powder products!

  • Ben Nye Professional Makeup Brushes - Foundation & Contour
    120,00 kr.240,00 kr.

    Blending and applying creme makeup is a dream with Ben Nye's Foundation and Contour Brushes! Ideal for moist, liquid or creme formulas, each of these brushes are made with quality Taklon fibers to blend makeup seamlessly and keep bristles free of bacteria. Excellent for application of creme-style foundations, neutralizers, pressed colors, liquids and wet cake makeup, including Lumieres. Creme contouring never looked so natural, and foundations are effortlessly sheered out for a radiant finish with the Foundation and Wide Foundation brushes.

  • Ben Nye Professional Makeup Brushes - Powder Contour & Rouge
    150,00 kr.240,00 kr.

    Ben Nye Rouge Brushes come in 5 different shapes to color and contour your complexion! Made with goat hair bristles for soft blending and sturdy, slim handles.

  • Ben Nye Silicone Tool (Flat Chisel) ST-3
    110,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Silicone Tool is a double-sided flat chisel, great for detailed applications.

  • Ben Nye Single Blade Spatula ST-1
    90,00 kr.

    Single blade spatula has slight flexibility and a very thin blade, making it our personal favorite spatula tool. Stainless Steel blade.

  • Ben Nye Tapered Blade Spatula ST-4
    100,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Tapered Blade Spatula is great for smoothing, detailing, mixing, or cleaning-up molds! Use it to fill and draw creme makeup from cosmetic containers with it's tapered tip. Stainless steel blade is set in a sturdy wooden handle. Wipes clean with alcohol. Size: 3.25" / 85mm.

  • Ben Nye Wooden Modeling Tool MT-1
    70,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Wooden Modeling Tool is a versatile application tool to mold and shape Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood, and Effects Gels! Durable and lightweight.

  • Contact lens container - Beholder til kontaktlinser
    30,00 kr.

    Beholder til dine flotte kontaktlinser

  • Duo Sharpener Metal
    42,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 01097/00 DETALJER: ø 8 mm | ø 12 mm

    Denne letvægts Duo Sharpener er lavet af metal. Den er lavet til kosmetiske blyanter med en diameter på 8 mm og 12 mm.

  • Foam Sponge Wedges 6 Pieces
    33,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 01447/00 DETALJER: 6 stykker

    Fine-pore, ikke-latex svamp kiler til præcis, ensartet anvendelse af creme make-up. Seks forskårne svampekiler leveres i hygiejniske, cellofanemballerede pakker.

  • Funky Contact lens fluid Sterile solution + Container/beholder
    90,00 kr.

    Sæt med væske til at holde dine flotte kontaktlinser bløde og smidige samt beholder til at opbevare dem i.

  • Graftobian Hot Pink Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System
    2.000,00 kr.

    About the product Graftobian Hot Pink Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System is ideal for professional application of high quality, durable makeup for a large number of people within a short time. What is included?

        • Easily Portable Compressor (110 V and 220 V Compatible)
        • Rechargeable battery pack
      Single action airbrush (SA35)
      • Bleeder Valve Control
      • 6' Flexible Hose
      • AC and DC Power Cords
      • International plug ends
      • Cleansing liquid
      • Instructional DVD
      • Five FX Aire Airbrush Makeup Colors - white, black, red, blue, neon yellow
    What does it do?
      Graftobian Hot Pink Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System is portable and reliable for professional high quality makeup applications.

  • Grimas Derma Wax Spatula
    35,00 kr.

    Om Grimas Dermavoksspatel

    Voks der er nemt at forme og som hæfter sig til huden.

  • Grimas Dermawax Spatula
    35,00 kr.

    Spatel til Dermavoks. Grimas Derma Wax Spatula er en spatel der bruges til at tage Derma Wax, Eyebrow Plastic and Nose Wax ud, påføre og forme det.

  • Kryolan Air Brush Cleaning Pot-
    250,00 kr.

    The Air Brush Cleaning Pot makes fast and easy cleaning of a airbrush-gun possible. With a built-in handle, the Airbrush-Gun can be securely stored at any time. In order to clean it, the Airbrush-Gun is placed into the handle and any color residue is sprayed into the glass pot. Using isopropyl alcohol can further enhance the cleaning result. An exchangeable filter collects surplus spray. The sturdy pot is easily cleaned due to its large opening.

  • Kryolan Airbrush Cleaning Pot
    250,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 19905/00

    Airbrush Cleaning Pot gør det nemt og hurtigt at rengøre en airbrush pistol. Med et indbygget håndtag, kan Airbrush Gun, altid opbevares sikkert. For at rense den, sættes den ind i håndtaget, og rester af farver sprøjtes ind i en glas potte. Isopropyl alkohol er et effektivt produkt til at rense pistolen. Glas potten er nemt gjort rent, da dens åbning er stor og nem at komme ind til.

  • Kryolan Airbrush Compressor TC-501 C
    2.329,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 62201/00 DETALJER: 5 kg

    TC-501 C er en lille luftkompressor som bruges til airbrush arbejde af makeup artister og kosmetikere. TC-501 C giver operationel tryk af 3.4 bar (ca. 49 psi) med meget lavt støjgener. Et udvalg af air brushes kan sættes til denne kompressor. Dimensioner: Højde: 220 mm Bredde: 200 mm Dybde: 130 mm

  • Kryolan Airbrush Compressor TC-501 C-
    2.329,00 kr.

    The TC-501 C is a small air compressor for use in airbrush work by make-up artists and cosmeticians. The TC-501 C enables operational pressure of 3.4 bar (appr. 49 psi), with very low noise emission. A selection of air brushes can be attached to this compressor. Dimensions: Height – 220 mm Width – 200 mm Depth – 130 mm Details: 5 kg

  • Kryolan All In One Bag
    151,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 07822/00 DETALJER: 23.5 x 18 cm

    Alt-i-en-tasken er ideel til at opbevare forskelligt tilbehør, såsom børster eller spatler, og giver også plads til makeup i midterposen.

  • Kryolan All-In-One Bag
    165,00 kr.

    The All-In-One Bag is ideal to store various accessories such as brushes or spatulas and also provides space for make-up in its middle pouch. Details: 23.5 x 18 cm

  • Kryolan Aluminium Make-up Stool
    2.450,00 kr.

    Professional chair for make-up and beauty assignments. Foldable and portable for location services. Exceptionally strong and well thought-out, with particular attention to details. The Aluminum Make-up Chair is extremely light and handy. This chair is recommended for frequent travel. Technical details: Anodized aluminum, wooden footrest with grooves to prevent slipping, seat and back made of PVC. Hand-crafted, with a long service life. Dimensions: Width seat - 41 cm Total width - 58 cm Height to seat - 71 cm Total height - 115 cm Details: 4.8 kg

  • Kryolan Angular-Narrow Spatula 0-1067
    100,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 60301/00 DETALJER: 15.5 cm

    Metal modellerings værktøj som er ideel til modellerings arbejde eller andre make-up artist kreationer.

  • Kryolan Angular-Narrow Spatula 0-1067
    100,00 kr.

    Metal Modeling Tool ideal for modeling work or other make-up artists creations. Details: 15.5 cm

  • Kryolan Arnold Langer For Beauty's Sake-
    154,00 kr.

    During Second World War, young Arnold Langer makes a brave decision. If he comes home safely from the frontline, he will start his own company. But in 1945, his parental home in Berlin is in ruins and the future is uncertain. His fiancée Waltraud is waiting for him, she studied chemistry just like he did. After the war they marry and Arnold founds Kryolan with a partner. The cosmetics company is now over 70 years old and has conquered the theaters and film sets all over the world with its products. During Berlin’s division in the center of the Cold War, Arnold Langer has to fight against a thousand obstacles. When the Wall is built in 1961, he succeeds in taking over the biggest competitor. From then on things steadily get better. In the seventies, his son Wolfram opens the door to the important US market and thus to Hollywood. Together with his wife Malgorzata, he founded subsidiaries in Poland and India and acquired representations all over the world. Their two sons are in the management and their wives support them in marketing and make-up application. A success story about three generations that began with Arnold Langer's vision. He is now 96 and can look back on a remarkable life with his wife at his side. Author: Rolf Pflücke Details: 264 pages, English

  • Kryolan Art & Makeup Limited Edition af Lan Nguyen-Grealis-
    445,00 kr.

    This stunning showcase of work by award-winning make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis features over 200 images created specifically for the book, including photography by Rankin. The looks are inspired by paintings, sculpture, cinema and performance arts, with references to Picasso, Warhol, Giacometti, Cleopatra, Mad Men and Sin City. Step-by-step deconstructions show the techniques used to create some of the looks, alongside tips from professional make-up artists, fashion designers and celebrity stylists. Co-written by Hannah Kane, this is a treasure trove of inspiration and information for anyone who works, or aspires to work, in the fashion and beauty industries. Details: 208 pages, English

  • Kryolan Art Beyond Beauty-
    525,00 kr.

    With this book Einat Dan and Camilla Camaglia took the challenge to create something visually different, outside of normal beauty stereotypes. Something beyond beauty. Einat and Camilla have been producing creative imagery together for over seven years. Both have the passion to create beauty images with an individual flair while showing another side of beauty. The purpose of this book is to inspire people to think outside of the box. They hope to encourage the younger generations of make-up artists and people passionate about expression to push boundaries. Einat is well known for her unique style in beauty, fashion and avant-garde make-up. Her talent combines perfectly with the photographic vision and technical knowledge of Camilla. Together they form a creative powerhouse that has produced a unique body of work. This shared experience gave them the confidence to throw themselves into the ambitious goal of creating a complete new body of work for this book over just five months. Einat likes to show that you can reinvent yourselves through make-up and both artists believe in sharing their artistic knowledge while striving to push their own creative limits with each challenge. There is no limit to creativity. When exploring the infinite ideas of creative make-up and making visions come to life, there is no room for hesitation. Details: by Einat Dan, 180 pages

  • Kryolan Art Color Ballet-
    502,00 kr.

    The Album features Cracow Art Color Ballet, a modern dance ensemble founded by Agnieszka Glińska. The group is famous for its performances featuring the dancers’ painted bodies, which constitute an integral, distinctive part of the founder’s artistic vision. The pictures are accompanied by commentaries from artists who introduce us into the art of body painting, and photographs documenting actual shows as well as the ensemble’s work off the stage, allow us to enter the kingdom of the archetypal, now reinvented ritual of dancing and bodypainting, whose roots reach as far back as the very beginnings of our civilization. Details: 168 pages, Polish/English

  • Kryolan Artist Tool Belt
    376,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 07830/00 DETALJER: 26 x 20 cm

    Artist Tool Belt gør det nemt at opbevare forskellige værktøjer. Med et robust bælte, kan Artist Tool Belt bæres komfortabelt rundt om taljen eller over skulderen. Det syntetiske læder er let at rengøre.

  • Kryolan Artist Tool Belt-
    410,00 kr.

    The Artist Tool Belt allows easy stowage of various tools. With a sturdy belt, the Artist Tool Belt can be worn comfortably around the waist or over the shoulder. The synthetic leather is easy to clean. Details: 26 x 20 cm

  • Kryolan Bald Cap Mold Block
    400,00 kr.

    Bald Cap Mold Block er til fremstilling af kunstige bald caps lavet af Glatzan. Denne formblok er velegnet til to størrelser: 55 og 57 cm. Påfør Glatzan jævnt på Bald Cap Mold Block og gentag om nødvendigt for at opnå den ønskede tykkelse af bald capen. Denne Bald Cap Mold Block er meget let, fordi den er hul indvendig.

  • Kryolan Bald Cap Mold Block-
    400,00 kr.

    Bald Cap Mold Block for producing artificial bald caps especially made from Glatzan. This mold block is suitable for two sizes: 55 and 57 cm. Apply Glatzan evenly onto the Bald Cap Mold Block and repeat if necessary to achieve the desired thickness of the bald cap. This Bald Cap Mold Block is very lightweight because it is hollow inside. Details: 55/57 cm

  • Kryolan Beauty Brush Bag
    529,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 08304/00 DETALJER: 25 x 21 cm

    Beauty Brush Bag er lavet af syntetisk læder og kan rumme ca. 23 børster i forskellige størrelser. En stor klap på indersiden beskytter børsterne.