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  • Ben Nye Professional Makeup Brushes - Powder Contour & Rouge
    kr. 190,00kr. 300,00

    Powder Brush (PA-151) – Goat

    Luxurious size adds powder or gently removes excess without disturbing makeup.

    Personal Rouge Brush (RB-11) – Goat

    Full bristled, short-handled personal size brush.

    Professional Rouge (RB-152) – Goat

    Generous, full shape provides quick application of blush and powders to face and body.

    Touch-Up (RB-153) – Goat

    Beveled shape for precise powder application, especially useful around eye area.

    Angle Rouge (RB-154) – Goat

    Flat-topped, angle shape is great for precise application of powders and rouge.

    Contour Shader (RB-155) – Goat

    Tapered shape provides precise application of pressed contours and shimmers.