Ben Nye Brush Cleaner

Ben Nye Brush Cleaner

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  • Quick drying
  • Liquid brush cleaner
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Alcohol free, non hazardous formula
  • Hygienically cleanses makeup brushes
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Ben Nye’s amazing Brush Cleaner is a gentle yet effective, quick drying formula to keep your makeup brushes hygienically clean whilst helping to maintain the softness.

Quickly, gently and effectively removes oil based product from makeup brushes.

Perfect to use on both synthetic and natural bristles.

The quick drying, alcohol free formula is gentle on brushes.

To use:

Spray directly onto brushes or decant a small amount of cleaner into a dish, or cup.

Dip the brush into the liquid and swirl to agitate, repeat this motion until the makeup has dislodged and the brush is clean.

Wipe excess liquid off using a tissue.

Allow the brush to dry fully before using or storing.

Do not soak brushes in liquid and do not allow liquid to penetrate the ferule.

2oz. spray bottle.

Because this gentle formula contains no alcohol, it can be more likely to freeze when exposed to cold temperatures. Please be assured that this does not in any way affect the performance or quality and it will return back to normal if left at room or slightly warmer temperature for a few hours.

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