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  • Kryolan Art Beyond Beauty-
    kr. 525,00

    With this book Einat Dan and Camilla Camaglia took the challenge to create something visually different, outside of normal beauty stereotypes. Something beyond beauty. Einat and Camilla have been producing creative imagery together for over seven years. Both have the passion to create beauty images with an individual flair while showing another side of beauty. The purpose of this book is to inspire people to think outside of the box. They hope to encourage the younger generations of make-up artists and people passionate about expression to push boundaries. Einat is well known for her unique style in beauty, fashion and avant-garde make-up. Her talent combines perfectly with the photographic vision and technical knowledge of Camilla. Together they form a creative powerhouse that has produced a unique body of work. This shared experience gave them the confidence to throw themselves into the ambitious goal of creating a complete new body of work for this book over just five months. Einat likes to show that you can reinvent yourselves through make-up and both artists believe in sharing their artistic knowledge while striving to push their own creative limits with each challenge. There is no limit to creativity. When exploring the infinite ideas of creative make-up and making visions come to life, there is no room for hesitation. Details: by Einat Dan, 180 pages

  • Kryolan Fashions in Makeup
    kr. 970,00

    In this highly praised volume, Richard Corson chronicles the pursuit of beauty from Ancient Egypt to the present day. Concentrating mainly on makeup traditions of the Western world, with some examples from other countries included for comparison, Corson describes the cosmetics with which men and women have decorated their faces, how they have applied them, and what they looked like as a result. This edition has an additional 16 new pages by fashion historian James Sherwood to bring makeup trends up to the present day. It is an essential reference for students, makeup artists, costume designers, actors, illustrators, beauty consultants, social historians, and all those interested in the use and application of cosmetics. Details: 640 pages, English

  • Kryolan Fashions in Hair
    kr. 1.865,00

    The definitive text on hair fashions through the ages is back. This revised edition has 16 new pages by fashion historian Caroline Cox to bring hair fashions up to the present day. The first to attempt a comprehensive historical survey of men’s and women’s hair styles through the ages, from Ancient Egypt through Greece, Egypt, Rome, and Anglo-Saxon times to recent trends in fashion, this book is now an essential work of reference. Drawing on many years of research by the author, this is an essential handbook for theatrical designers, hair artists, illustrators, and beauty consultants as well as all those interested in the changing fashions in hair. Guaranteed to entertain and educate the general reader as well as historians of fashion, this is the perfect companion piece to both Fashions in Make-Up and Fashions In Eyeglasses. Details: 736 pages, English

  • Kryolan Champion at Heart
    kr. 493,00

    A step by Step practical guide from the World Champions of Bodypainting. Champion at Heart brings together established artists with the fresh talent that is making the body art industry the fast growing and explosive art platform that it has become. Follow these inspiring artists as they create groundbreaking works. Step by step experience the transformation from basic concept through to the finest execution. Details: 154 pages, English

  • Kryolan Art Color Ballet
    kr. 502,00

    The Album features Cracow Art Color Ballet, a modern dance ensemble founded by Agnieszka Glińska. The group is famous for its performances featuring the dancers’ painted bodies, which constitute an integral, distinctive part of the founder’s artistic vision. The pictures are accompanied by commentaries from artists who introduce us into the art of body painting, and photographs documenting actual shows as well as the ensemble’s work off the stage, allow us to enter the kingdom of the archetypal, now reinvented ritual of dancing and bodypainting, whose roots reach as far back as the very beginnings of our civilization. Details: 168 pages, Polish/English

  • Kryolan Art & Makeup Limited Edition af Lan Nguyen-Grealis
    kr. 445,00

    This stunning showcase of work by award-winning make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis features over 200 images created specifically for the book, including photography by Rankin. The looks are inspired by paintings, sculpture, cinema and performance arts, with references to Picasso, Warhol, Giacometti, Cleopatra, Mad Men and Sin City. Step-by-step deconstructions show the techniques used to create some of the looks, alongside tips from professional make-up artists, fashion designers and celebrity stylists. Co-written by Hannah Kane, this is a treasure trove of inspiration and information for anyone who works, or aspires to work, in the fashion and beauty industries. Details: 208 pages, English

  • Kryolan Arnold Langer For Beauty's Sake
    kr. 154,00

    During Second World War, young Arnold Langer makes a brave decision. If he comes home safely from the frontline, he will start his own company. But in 1945, his parental home in Berlin is in ruins and the future is uncertain. His fiancée Waltraud is waiting for him, she studied chemistry just like he did. After the war they marry and Arnold founds Kryolan with a partner. The cosmetics company is now over 70 years old and has conquered the theaters and film sets all over the world with its products. During Berlin’s division in the center of the Cold War, Arnold Langer has to fight against a thousand obstacles. When the Wall is built in 1961, he succeeds in taking over the biggest competitor. From then on things steadily get better. In the seventies, his son Wolfram opens the door to the important US market and thus to Hollywood. Together with his wife Malgorzata, he founded subsidiaries in Poland and India and acquired representations all over the world. Their two sons are in the management and their wives support them in marketing and make-up application. A success story about three generations that began with Arnold Langer's vision. He is now 96 and can look back on a remarkable life with his wife at his side. Author: Rolf Pflücke Details: 264 pages, English

  • Kryolan Professional Make-up Charts English
    kr. 115,00

    Kryolan Professional Make-up Charts English