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  • Paris Berlin Le Mascara Cat Lash Design
    110,00 kr.

    Our bestselling mascara! Nominated for the Mascara of the Year at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2018 and winner of the Aftonbladets Beauty Oscar 2017 as the best makeup-series! Paris Berlin Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara - Cat Lash Design will give you impressive volume and length to your lashes! The ergonomic & penetrating brush makes covering the lashes easy and the deep pigments makes the lashes intense!  

  • Paris Berlin Liquid Eyeliner - Le Calligraphe
    126,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Ultra Fine Waterproof Eyeliner - Le Calligraphe is an ultraprecise eyeliner with deep pigment, for an impressive result every time! This "non-sticky" formula stands against heat, humidity, tears and late night! Contains emollient och preservative Vitamin-E och glycerin. Big time favourite among Makeup Artist`s and individual user.

  • Paris Berlin Long Lasting Concealer - L'Anticerne
    100,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Long Lasting Concealer Pen - L´Anticerne is a soft long lasting concealer tested to respect the fineness of the delicate eye area. This veganfriendly concealer removes fine lines around the eyes, dark circles and shadows immediately, for all day long. Easy to apply, this liquid soft concealer won' t settle into lines and covers imperfections with a natural looking finish.

  • Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'ideal Touch
    180,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Radiant Highlight Concealer - L'Ideal Touch is a magic highlighting concealer pen that lifts fine lines, wrinkles and highlights the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose in beautiful way. This radiant highlight concealer is a favorite among top makeup artists, celebrities, models and women around the world. It's a beauty tool and a makeup essential for everyone that wants to emphasize radiance over coverage and give the skin a luminous complexion. Its application is easy and very hygienic. A couple of strokes with this concealer pens brush and you`ll even out the skin and even the hyperpigmentation goes away.

  • Paris Berlin SET BAG Transparent
    770,00 kr.

    A Set Bag specially designed for travelling. It keeps your products and tools tidy, organized and ready to go while you are on the set or on location. This bag has 2 clear pockets on the front, the back is in black fabric finish including 2 pockets, plus 1 tissue holder on the left side. 2 pockets with zipper inside. Dimensions : 38 x 16 x 25 cm

  • Paris Berlin Waterproof Le Mascara Blackproof
    175,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Waterproof Curling Mascara - Blackproof is an absolutely non-greasy and waterproof mascara with rich black pigments.  

  • Pouch Trousse TR 5 - Transparent Bag
    80,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Trousses - Transparent Bag - TR5 is a zippered, large transparent pouch to hold and organize your necessary makeup and tools. Size: 27 x 13 x 8 cm

  • Pouch Trousse TR 6 - Transparent Bag
    100,00 kr.

    This small cubic bag is a great choice for keeping all your necessary make up tools. Diemnsions: 160 x 120 x 135 MM

  • Pouch Trousse TR 9 - Transparent Bag
    224,00 kr.

    A pouch specially designed for traveling from one location to another. Keep your products and tools tidy, organized and ready to go while you're on the set or on location. This bag has five clear pockets on one side and two mesh on the other.

    Dimensions : 30 x 18 x 7 cm