PARIS BERLIN Eyeshadow – Refill Powder Shadow RFS 2

PARIS BERLIN Eyeshadow – Refill Powder Shadow RFS 2

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World`s most pigmented eyeshadow?

According to many internationally well known makeup artist`s, these multifunctional eyeshadows from Paris Berlin have astonishing pigmentation!

Even though they are powder shadows they blend like a dream being that they are so creamy. They have also been appointed “The most pigmented” by the London Beauty Review on the Imats Fair and Wayne Goss has given them raving reviews!

So what are You waiting for, see for yourself what everyone is raving about!

Since they are professional & multifunctional eyeshadows they are not divivded into eyeshadow, blusher, shading, highlighting etc, but instead You choose where You use Your favorit shadow colour.

They come in 72 different useable shades.

  • You can choose these eyeshadows as smart refills to the luxurious and renowned Paris Berlin Deluxe Magnetic Palette or as an individuell case with a mirror
  • The eyeshadows come in 72 different colours, with different finishes including matte, satin and metallic.
  • Outstanding texture.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Veganfriendly
  • Cruelty free

Some of our beautiful HIGHLIGHTING colours which gives the skin immediate lustre och lifts the faces structure.

  • RFS21: a crispy white colour with fantastic colour reproduction.
  • RFS42: the most usefull highlighter due to that it`s matte and can even be used under the eye area.
  • RFS44: a soft yellow highlighter for when You got a tan or naturally has a medium/dark skin, doesn`t become “ashy”.
  • RFS67*: a “WOW” shadow! Gives a full coverage shimmer, perfect for lustre to the skin.

SHADING & CONTOURING colours in every shadow imaginable

  • RFS9: a neutral brown for darker skin types, that doesn`t want to bronzy colours.
  • RFS10: a light and cool tones shading colour. Suitable for very light skin types, without being to grey.
  • RFS26: a brillant shading colour for those with cool medium/dark skin.
  • RFS43: THE most perfect shading colour ever! A gorgeous colour for warm and cool skin types.

Some of our BLUSHERS: blusher is very individual and has the power to recreate a youthful freshness or destroy an entire makeup. Here comes a few colours You just can`t go wrong with!

  • RFS1: a soft coral colour that gives the feeling You only get after a summer vacation. Where have You been?
  • RFS22: what a blusher!! Be ready for many envious looks, for with this You`ll exude an irresistible youth and freshness! Fits EVERY skin tone and the only one You`ll ever really need.
  • RFS24: say HELLO to Your new best friend! A blusher that gives colour and shades, at the same time? With this….everythings so simple!
  • RFS72*: ok so this blusher not only gives an irresistible pink colour, but the gold-shimmer will take Your cheekbones to the next level!

Colour Designation with *symbol = Shimmery

Colour Designation without *symbol = Mat