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  • The Monster Makers Complete Foam Latex Kit (Prosthetic Grade)
    kr. 550,00kr. 1.450,00

    • Unique chemistry produces a velvety soft foam with extremely fine cells
    • Perfect for a wide range of applications including stop motion puppets, prosthetic makeup-appliances, creature suits, and large animatronic characters for movies and tv
    • Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and all of the necessary components for making foam latex
    • Please note that this product can freeze. Use discretion when ordering during the winter months.

  • The Monster Makers RD-407 Mask Making Latex
    kr. 300,00kr. 600,00

    • RD-407 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making, and slush molded prosthetics
    • Popular among many special effects artists, RD-407 can be brushed or poured into gypsum molds
    • The Monster Makers RD-407 features a quick skin build-up, excellent detail reproduction and a fast demold. RD-407 can be painted with adhesive based paints or Monster Makers Mask Paints
    • RD-407 comes as a naturally viscous material that yields a stretchy but durable rubber upon curing
    • Special Note: Latex can freeze during the winter months; take caution when ordering from colder areas of the country