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  • Ben Nye Complete Blood Capsule Pack
    90,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Complete Blood Capsule Pack creates blood dribbles, creeps and squirts realistically from within the mouth! The soft, gelatin capsules rupture when bitten down on. Ben Nye's Stage Blood is corn-syrup based with a fresh peppermint flavor for safe and pleasant use in and around the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use. Made in U.S.A.

  • Kryolan Blood Capsules
    90,00 kr.

    Blood Capsules TF are made from gelatine and filled with a specific blood powder. After the user bites a capsule, the blood powder colors the user’s saliva which results into a realistic blood effect. This product is not washable. Details: 10 pieces