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  • Fleet Street Blood Paste
    kr. 220,00

    Fleet Street Bloodworks Blood Pastes add dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products. Blood Pastes stay in place when applied and become dry to to the touch. Add a little bit of K-Y and they instantly look wet. Available in three colors: Blood, Scab and Lymphatic (yellow brown). Mix any combination of the Blood Pastes colors with the Fleet Street Drying Bloods or Skin Illustrator colors to create a warmth and depth in your blood that you never thought possible.

  • Grimas Blodpaste 60 ml
    kr. 63,00

    Om Grimas Blodpasta, 60 ml

    Dybrød meget tyk pasta der bruges til at lave gamle sår og special effekter til din udklædning.

  • Kryolan Blood Paste IEW 50ml
    kr. 93,00

    PRODUKTKODE: 04130/00 DETALJER: 50 ml

    Blood Paste IEW er et kunstigt blodpasta præparat til statisk dannelse af simulerede sår. Blood Paste IEW kan vaskes ud fra de fleste typer stof.

  • Kryolan HD Blood Gel
    kr. 175,00

    HD Blood Gel is identical to HD Blood in color. HD Blood Gel is designed as a firm blood effect. Thus, it is ideal for filling deep cuts and bullet holes or for photographic usage. With smeared blood effects and wet abrasion, HD Blood Gel excels with HD-compliant coloring and opacity. Details: 50 ml

  • Kryolan Hydro Fix Blood 20 ml
    kr. 165,00

    Fixblood is a fast drying blood paste for different special effects. It contains acetone. Apply Fixblood directly from the tube and let dry. After drying it is smudge- and waterproof. To remove peel off slowly. Residues can be removed carefully with OSP Remover and Thinner or with acetone. Details: 6 ml

  • Kryolan Hydrofix Blood
    kr. 100,00

    Hydro Fix Blood is a washable artificial blood paste in tubes. Hydro Fix Blood dries on the skin and is outstanding for creation of a wide variety of wound simulations. Hydro Fix Blood is applied directly from the tube onto the desired area of the skin, and can be formed as required by a small modeling spatula. The dark color shade of Hydro Fix Blood makes it effective in creating wounds with a scab. The preparation can be completely removed from the skin with soap and warm water. Details: 20 ml

  • Kryolan IEW Blood Paste
    kr. 90,00

    Blood Paste IEW is an artificial-blood paste preparation for static creation of simulated wounds. Blood Paste IEW can be washed out from most fabrics. Details: 50 ml