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  • Ben Nye Bond Off! Adhesive Remover 16oz

    Ben Nye Bond Off! Is made to remove most cosmetic adhesives or similar adhesives from skin thoroughly. Extremely effective and smells great. Suitable for removing spirit gum, mastix, prosthetic adhesive, cosmetic glue and many other adhesives. To use, apply Bond Off! with either a sponge or brush to the edges of the prosthetic or crepe hair (or appliance); then gently peel off to remove. Repeat as necessary; brushing Bond Off! further under the peeled edge of the appliance if required. Apply more Bond Off! to completely remove all residue. Then follow with a gentle wash with soap and water, or Hydra Cleanse. May not be suitable for use on sensitive skin, children and sensitive areas. Made In The USA.

  • Kryolan Acetone 1000 ml
    270,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 02725/00 DETALJER: 1000 ml

    Acetone er et universelt opløsningsmiddel til PVC (Glatzan) såvel som det meste harpiks, lakker og lipider. Den er meget affedtet og burde ikke bruges på huden. Imens blanding er igang på kanterne af Glatzan bald caps, påfør meget simpelt og undgå alt kontakt med huden.

  • Kryolan All Clear
    100,00 kr.

    All Clear is an adhesive remover that contains a mixture of solvents suitable for most skin adhesives. It contains a skin-regreasing agent. Suitable for strong residues. Do not use as a thinner for any skin adhesive. Details: 100 ml

  • Kryolan All Pur
    105,00 kr.

    All Pur is an intensive removing cream for removal of Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum P, and stubborn make-up residue. All Pur is well tolerated by the skin, but it should not be used near the eyes. Details: 75 ml

  • Kryolan Beard Cleaning Solution 1000 ml-
    130,00 kr.

    Beard Cleaning Solution consists of pure Ethanol, also called IPA. It is a multi-purpose solvent for many applications in make-up artistry. It serves in cleaning tulle and wig fronts from any alcohol soluble adhesives, as a degreaser for tools and working areas as well as a multitude of different techniques in the workshop. Details: 1000 ml

  • Kryolan HD Pro Gum Remover Gel 200 ml-
    265,00 kr.

    Developed for the HD Pro Gum adhesive, the Remover Gel sets new criteria for spirit gum removers. Its special formulation results in a pleasant scent, it contains fragrant, anti-inflammatory witch hazel extracts and the skin caring d-panthenol. HD Pro Gum Remover Gel is the optimum in the removal of all spirit gums. Details: 200 ml

  • Kryolan Isopropyl Alkohol 1000 ml
    175,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 01684/00 DETALJER: 1000 ml

    Isopropylalkohol, også kaldet isopropanol eller IPA, er et multifunktionelt opløsningsmiddel til mange anvendelser i makeup kunst. Det fungerer som affedtningsmiddel til værktøjer og arbejdsområder, til hudforberedelse inden anvendelse af proteser samt en lang række forskellige teknikker i værkstedet.

  • Kryolan NEO Adhesive Remover & Thinner 100 ml
    170,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 06521/00 DETALJER: 100 ml

    NEO Adhesive Remover & Thinner er et lugftfrit, hudvenligt opløsningsmiddel. Det virker perfekt til fortynding af Silicone Adhesive Neo, og fjerner nemt al slags hudklæbemiddel.

  • Kryolan NEO Adhesive Remover & Thinner 250 ml
    400,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 06522/00 DETALJER: 250 ml

    NEO Adhesive Remover & Thinner er et lugftfrit, hudvenligt opløsningsmiddel. Det virker perfekt til fortynding af Silicone Adhesive Neo, og fjerner nemt al slags hudklæbemiddel.

  • Super Solv-T Adhesive Remover 4 oz
    100,00 kr.

    SUPER SOLV - Our strongest and most popular adhesive and prosthetic remover.  Hydrocarbon based, mildly scented, SUPER SOLV provides rapid removal of adhesives and prosthetics without damage to appliances and latex foam.  Excellent for use on delicate lace wigs and skin. Non-oily and not harmful to materials.  Also available in 1.3 oz dab-on,  4 oz., 8 oz., and 1/2 Gallon sizes.