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  • Ben Nye Clear Liquid Latex 4oz
    DKK 145,00

    Ben Nye Liquid Latex is one of the most essential products of Special FX kits with it being so fundamental and multi-functional. It is used to stretch skin for aging, extreme blisters and wounds. Latex can also be used as an adhesive for prosthetics. The colourless equivalent to Ben Nye's Liquid Latex, Clear Latex dries without colour for increased versatility. Works excellently for sealing Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax as well as for molding various prosthetic accents. Made In The USA.

  • Graftobian Pro FX Aire Alcohol Activated Primary Palette
    DKK 550,00

    • Graftobian Alcohol Activated Primary Face and Body Paint
    • formulated to simulate bruises, contusions, wounds, wrinkles, and other ghastly creations
    • Simply Activate Paint on And Layer up Your Creations
    • Once Dried They Will Not Come Off Until Removed With Alcohol Or Cleansing Cream
    • Includes: White, Red , Deep Yellow, Blue, Ebony, Black

  • Graftobian ProPaint - 12 Color Master Kit #2
    DKK 1.300,00

    • Easy to carry snapcase box with 4 regular, 4 metallic and 4 neon colors
    • Includes colors: Gilded Gold, Silver Sterling, Clockwork Copper, Pearl Frost, Shocking Pink, Electric Yellow, Atomic Orange, Radioactive Green, MegaGenta, Eggplant, Second Skin, and Aztec Turquoise - 1 oz/30 ml each
    • ProPaint is a highly Pigmented Glycerin-based cake makeup that gives non-streaky, long-lasting finish.
    • Neon colors recommended for use on hair and nails only
    • Made in the USA, with FDA approved ingredients.

  • Graftobian ProPaint - 12 Color Master Kit #4
    DKK 1.550,00

    • Master ProPaint #4 Box Includes All 12 Pearl Shimmer Colors
    • Colors Included: Pearl Frost, Gossamer Gold, Pixie Pink, Rose Gold, Dewdrop Gold, Red Blaze, Fantasy Fuchsia, Lilac Frost, Dragonscale Green, Emerald City, Mermaid Blue, and Nightfall Blue
    • Activate With Water
    • Remove easily with Soap and Water!
    • Made in the U.S.A.!

  • Graftobian Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit
    DKK 1.100,00

    Kit Contains

    • Modeling wax 1.75oz - Light Flesh
    • Modeling Wax 1 oz - Blood Wax
    • Stage Blood 1 oz
    • Blood Gel 1 oz
    • Blood Paste 1 oz
    • Magic Blood Powder
    • Spirit Gum 1/2oz
    • Spirit Gum Remover 1oz
    • Liquid Latex Black 1oz
    • Liquid Latex White 1oz
    • Liquid Latex Light Flesh 1oz
    • Liquid Latex Red 1oz
    • Liquid Latex Brown 1oz
    • Liquid Latex Clear 2oz
    • Setting Spray 1.25 oz
    • Sultry Siren (Dark Plum) Lining Pencil
    • Black Lining Pencil
    • Brown Tooth Wax
    • Zombie Makeup Creme Wheel: With 6 colors in realistic FX skin shades
    • Black Tooth Wax
    • Zombie Guts 4cc packs:  Black, Green, and White
    • Hair Whitening Stick
    • Assorted Latex Pieces x 4
    • Crepe Wool Dark Brown 7"
    • Crepe Wool Light Grey 7"
    • 3 sponge wedge applicators
    • Stipple sponge
    • 2 FX Make-up brushes: Round and Flat
    • Sponge Tipped Corrector
    • Makeup Remover 1oz
    • Brush Cleaner (2 oz)
    • Face setting powder
    • Large Velour Powder Puff
    • Mass Casualty Simulation / EMS Makeup Training DVD
    • 5 Full-Color Instruction Sheets, Including: Severe Trauma & Severe Trauma Deluxe, Zombie & Zombie Deluxe, Theatrical Student (Beards & Old Age)
    • Vinyl Zip Bag for Storage and Travel
    The Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit brings together all the greatest hits from our Special FX Makeup Line into one convenient professional kit.  You'll find everything you need to create realistic special effects makeup and trauma simulation makeup applications.  Learn special FX makeup from the best - also included in this kit is our Mass Casualty Training DVD starring Emmy Award Winner Suzanne Patterson - with over an hour of special fx simulation training. We also include step by step full-color instructions from 5 different Special FX, Theatrical, and Character Kits to give you all the information you need to make the most of this kit.  For working makeup artists who need a portable kit, or for special effects enthusiasts who need a full set of special effects makeup to get started, this kit has it all!

  • Grimas Film blood B
    DKK 4,50DKK 32,00

    Grimas Filmblood is blood that retains its shine and does not dry out. It is used for finishing 'wounds' and can be applied directly onto the skin.  There are different shades of Filmblood: from light red (oxygen-rich blood) to dark red (oxygen-poor blood). 

  • Mr Dashbo Ultimate FX Palette
    DKK 295,00 DKK 225,00

    Mr Dashbo. Alcohol activated Make Up. Ideal for Horror & Casuality Simulation. Please only USE 99% alcohol to activate all colours. Do Not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent.

    DKK 575,00

    Platsil Gel 10 is a unique, 1:1 mix fast curing platinum/addition cure silicone that can be used for making molds, props and masks. With the addition of a Deadener, you can create silicone gel prosthetics and animatronic skins. Platsil Gel 10 has a 5-6 minute working time and a 30 minute demold time, curing to a Shore A10 hardness. Use Platsil Gel 10 as a mold rubber or to create prosthetic appliances. Use the Smiths Deadener to eliminate the synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened Platsil Gel 10 can be made to look, feel and move like a variety of living tissue. Unlike silicone fluid, Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener does not leach from the cured rubber/appliance so bonding and use are far easier.

  • Senjo Basic Color Water Based Airbrush Face and Body paint
    DKK 60,00DKK 220,00

    Senjo Colour - Basic body paint is a water-soluble, high-capacity and very fine pigmented make-up which is applied to the skin using a brush or paint spray equipment. The colour can be sprayed with an operating pressure from 0.6 bar and a spray nozzle from 0.15 mm. It is designed for face and body painting and washable simply with soap and water. Senjo-Colour Basic is available in 24 different colours.   Senjo Airbrush Color 25ml Senjo Airbrush Color 75ml Senjo Airbrush Color 250ml