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  • Graftobian Flexible Modeling Wax Sealer - 1 oz. Bottle W/ Brush
    150,00 kr.

    This flexible collodion product is used to paint over modeling wax to create a protective skin on the wax prior to make-up application.

    To use: Three or four coats of this fast-drying compound is usually sufficient to prepare even a soft wax surface for brush or sponge application with make-up. Rubber Mask Grease is ideal for the task of covering the sealed wax, but other make-up is okay too.  Finish the sealing with your successive coats and then apply make-up.
    Tip: Often, a texture can be successfully applied to the wax after the first coat of Flexible Wax Sealer by lightly pressing a stipple sponge onto the thinly sealed wax.

  • Kryolan Sealer
    85,00 kr.

    Sealer er en klar syntetisk væske, der anvendes til beskyttelse over latex, skum, voksmodeller, falske næser, hager og andre proteser. Brug en børste til at anvende præparatet tyndt over voksmodeller og i en afstand på 1 cm ud fra modellen på den grænsende hud. Lad tørre, og påfør derefter pudder. Efter behov kan Kryolan Sealer fortyndes med Kryolan Spirit Gum Remover eller alkohol.

  • Mehron Castor Sealer
    50,00 kr.

    Castor Sealer was formulated to prepare cured latex caps and other prosthetic appliances to accept cream makeup. Available in a 1 fl oz (30 ml) bottle with applicator brush How to use this product: Apply to cured latex and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Wipe off any excess product and apply cream makeup. Remove with soap and water.