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  • Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray
    120,00 kr.330,00 kr.

    Finish your look by making it smudge-proof and water-resistant! Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer locks in your look for hours of performing, entertaining or braving the weather. Keeps makeup in place, even through heavy perspiration!

  • Blue Marble Setting Spray
    130,00 kr.310,00 kr.

    Blue Marble SēLr Spray is a water based alternative to the tougher  Green Marble SēLr Spray and is an excellent sealer for those with more sensitive skin or those who have negative reactions to alcohol based products. Blue Marble SēLr Spray seals anything from street makeup to heavier RMG theatrical makeups. Waterproof, this sealer is gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough for special effects short of underwater work. Light in feel but strong and tough, this sealer should be in everyone’s kit. Removal is easy with PPI’s Telesis Beta Solv, Telesis Super Solv or Telesis Makeup Remover.

  • Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray 1.25 oz
    80,00 kr.

    Makeup Setting Spray lays a thin barrier over your make-up, making it more smudge-proof and moisture resistant. Works great with both Beauty and Special FX Makeup applications.
    To use: Spray over powdered down creme-based make-ups, Face and Body paint, or over Luster Cremes.
    Tip: Spray through an airbrush, over any Graftobian airbrush makeup application to yield a soft sheen as well as a more durable finish. The application through an airbrush gives a much finer atomization than spraying through the mist bottle as supplied.
    Note: This item also makes a good hair setting spray and is perfect for setting powdered glitter into the hair. Many artists use our Setting Spray as a sweat barrier spray UNDER a makeup application.  We recommend using the airbrush for barrier application as well to get a finer, more even coat.

  • Green Marble Setting Spray 1 oz 
    150,00 kr.

    Created by award winning makeup artists Richard Snell & Kenny Myers, Green Marble SēLr  was originally designed to seal makeup and prevent it from rubbing off on costumes. Being the most durable makeup sealer on the market today.  
    General Applications – Spray Green Marble SēLr directly on makeup. Avoid spraying in the eyes and mouth. Do not spray on open cuts or broken skin. Multi-Layering Makeups – A unique feature of Green Marble SēLr  is its resistance to alcohol when dried. This allows you to overlap makeup products for layering effects. Spray Green Marble SēLr on to makeup, let dry, then apply another layer of makeup. Repeat the process as often as necessary. It is also possible to mix Green Marble SēLr  with powders and pigments to create tanning effects. Airbrushing Green Marble SēLr is possible but not recommended for beginners as the matting agents will cause clogging unless thoroughly cleaned. Removal is easy with PPI’s Telesis Beta Solv, Telesis Super Solv or Telesis Makeup Remover. Green Marble Aging Concentrate is also excellent for aging techniques and multi-layering effects.

  • Kryolan Dermacolor Fixing Spray-
    188,00 kr.

    Dermacolor Fixing Spray is used for extra protection of the camouflage. Especially suitable for hands and neck. Dermacolor Fixing Spray is applied after setting the camouflage with Dermacolor Fixing Powder. Dermacolor Fixing Spray is sprayed directly onto the skin from a distance of 20-30 cm. After drying the camouflage is smudge-proof. Easy washable with water and soap. Contains sun protection filter US-SPF 25/SPF 20. Details: 150 ml Aerosol Can

  • Kryolan Fixing Spray
    110,00 kr.270,00 kr.

    Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for use over make-up. It creates an invisible protective film that extends the life of the makeup and its effects. Fixing Spray is especially effective for body painting with Aquacolor and with other wet makeup preparations. Fixing Spray is applied approx. at a distance of 30 cm in a thin and even layer and allowed to dry. The protected make-up is then smudge-proof and rub-resistant and withstands harsh conditions and exposure. Fixing Spray makes any make-up resistant to cold water and significantly delays the wash-out due to perspiration. Fixing Spray contains alcohol and should not be used near eyes or mucous membranes. Fixing Spray can be easily removed with soap and warm water.