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  • Ben Nye Classic Lip Pencil
    DKK 50,00

    Get lusciously lined and defined lips with Ben Nye's Classic Lip Pencils! Concentrated color and creamy consistency makes for easy filling and shaping! Length 7". 0.065oz. / 1.83gm. Yield 50-150 applications.

  • Ben Nye Concealer Neutralizing Crayons
    DKK 120,00

    For artists on the go, these crayons cover a multitude of imperfections. The series is inspired by Ben Nye’s classics, such as Coverette, Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutralizer, Tattoo and Studio Beard Cover. They yield high pigmentation and offer a durable, yet silky texture. Expect 100-300 applications.

  • Ben Nye Creme Eyeliner Pencil
    DKK 100,00

    Ben Nye's Creme Eyeliner Pencil offers eye-appealing opacity in a moist, creamy texture! Dash along the lash line and smudge with a brush or your finger for a soft, smoldering effect. May also be set with a matching powder eyeshadow to intensify color and extend wear! Length: 4.75", Weight: 0.04 oz. / 1.13gm. Yield 50 - 175 applications.

  • Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil
    DKK 60,00

    Get natural, defined brows with Ben Nye's Brow Pencils! Eight colors that are soft enough to blend, yet firm enough to keep a sharpened tip for clean, precise application.Size: 7in. / 178mm.

  • Ben Nye Lip Colour Pencil
    DKK 100,00

    Get lusciously lined and defined lips with Ben Nye's Lip Colour Pencils! These pencils have concentrated color and a creamy consistency that makes for easy filling and shaping and a long-lasting formula. Size: 7". 0.065oz. / 1.83gm. Yield 50-150 applications.

  • Ben Nye Magicolor Creme Crayons
    DKK 100,00

    No need to carry around your applicators with Ben Nye's MagiColor Cream Crayons! Perfect for applying details to clowns or mimes around small areas like the nose, these crayons cover excellently. With no need for an applicator and a wide range of colors, they're also great for touch-ups! Set with Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder. Size: 0.05oz / 1.4gm. - 0.09 / 2.5gm. Yield 30-75 applications.

  • Ben Nye Magicolor Creme Pencils
    DKK 60,00

    Show your color and spirit with Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Pencils! The creamy, richly pigmented formula is a hassle-free way to add the fine details to your look - whether it be for character makeup, clowns, mimes, face designs, fantasy or athletic events! Easy clean up and sharpenable.

  • Ben Nye Shimmer Crayons
    DKK 120,00

    Ben Nye's Shimmer Crayons add dazzling effects to face and body! Draw on metallic accents effortlessly and blend with the warmth of your fingertip for smooth results. These waterproof colors set within minutes for a smudge-proof finish and can be sheered out for added sparkle! Safe for use on eyes and may be used as a creme base for powder pigments. Size: 0.10oz / 2.8gm. Yield 20-75 applications.

  • Combi Special Sharpener
    DKK 46,00

    PRODUKTKODE: 01096/00

    Praktisk kombinations blyantspidser med 2 hullers design til forskellige størrelses kosmetik blyanter. Ideel til Kajal, Contour Pencil og Faceliner.

  • Graftobian Lip ProPencil
    DKK 100,00

    Precise, long-lasting lipdefinition. The soft formulaand rich pigments make your lip color last longer by creating a boundary that holds up against heat and helps withstand the rigorous demands of a day on set.

  • Graftobian ProPencil Eyeliner
    DKK 100,00

    Accentuate your gaze with vibrance and detail with our rich, Italian-made, professional length, 18 cm pencils. Colors glide on with smooth accuracy. Create a clean line with a single stroke, or use the softness of the pencil to smudge into a smoky eye. Available in 9 highly requested eye shades!

  • Grimas Makeupblyant, Sort, KOHL 101, 11 cm
    DKK 39,00

    Om Grimas Makeupblyant, Sort, KOHL 101, 11 cm

    Makeup blyant der kan bruges til øjne (eyeliner) til øjenbryn eller læber (lipliner).

  • Grimas Pensel Rød Mårhårs, Rund, MR4
    DKK 49,00

    Om Grimas Pensel Rød Mårhårs, Rund, MR4

    Mørk pensel i rund til at lægge makeup ekstra flot.

  • Paris Berlin Brow Pencil - Brow Definition
    DKK 90,00

    Paris Berlin Brow Pencil - Brow Definition is an absolutely revolutionizing browpencil! Due to its uniquely waxbased formula this browpencil is so different from any browproduct you've tried before. Why? Because not only is it waterproof but it also stays put on oily skin, which is a true testament to its superb formula. Create shape, contour, colour and fullness with only ONE item! Easy application with a retractable pin.

    • Doesn't break off.
    • Waxbased & waterproof.
    • Always a perfect pointed tip without a pencil sharpener.
    • Paraben free.
    • Vegan friendly
    • BD1 Dark brown; for medium/dark skin tones with dark brown/black brows.
    • BD2 Medium brown; for light/medium skin tones with medium/dark brows.
    • BD3 Taupe-beige; for light skin tones with blonde/light brown brows.

  • Paris Berlin Lip Pencil - Le Crayon Lévres
    DKK 70,00

    This long-lasting matte lip pencil offers a large choice of tints which complement the lip color line. Its soft and very pigmented texture ensures a perfect outline and lip definition.

  • Paris Berlin Longlasting Eye Pencil - Le Crayon Yeux
    DKK 70,00

    Paris Berlin Long Lasting Eye Pencil in gorgeous colours with a consistency that allows an easy application. This pro eyepencil never ever dries out! Recommended by Gina Brooke, private Makeup artist for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian etc.

    • 5 stunning colours.
    • Very high durability.
    • 18cm

  • Paris Berlin Waterproof Eye Pencil - Smoking
    DKK 110,00

    Create beautifully blended smokey eyes with Paris Berlin Smokey Eye Pencil. This waterproof eye pencil has a creamy texture for easy-defining and contouring of the eyes. The silky long-lasting Smokey Eye Pencil is resistant to water, tears, heat and humidity for a perfect look that stays put all day long.

    • Paraben free
    • Vegan
    • Not tested on animals
    • Hypoallergenic