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  • Kryolan Blue Master Defining Lip Brush-
    275,00 kr.

    The densely packed, silky-smooth bristles of our Blue Master Defining Lip Brush glide along the lip to achieve a perfectly defined lip line. Manipulate a variety of shapes and textures from Lipstick Matt, to High Gloss and achieve a flawless, perfected lip every time. Vegan certified.

  • Paris Berlin Lip & Concealer Brush - S100
    45,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Lip & Concealer Brush - S100 is a luxurious synthetic brush with robust brush handles for perfect application of lipstick, lip gloss and concealer! This brush creates flawless contours on the lips and helps you cover the pimple, thanks to the wonderfully soft synthetic bristles! Paris Berlin Lips & Concealer Brush - S100 has an incredibly nice bounce that does not give in at pressure, hence creating the very fine contours! Luxurious synthetic brush with robust brush shaft!TIP:Wash your synthetic brushes after each use with ordinary detergent, it dissolves cream products best!
    Item ID: S100