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  • Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner
    100,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Cake Eye Liner allows you to achieve a clean edge and precise, delicate lining every time! More forgiving and softer than liquid eyeliner, this product is great for those who want to practice application with a steady hand! Simply dip a wet brush of your choice into the cake liner and stir into a creamy, rich consistency for bold, definite color! May also be used with LiquiSet as an activating agent instead of water for longer lasting wear. Size: 2 grams.

  • Ben Nye Creme Eyeliner Pencil
    100,00 kr.

    Ben Nye's Creme Eyeliner Pencil offers eye-appealing opacity in a moist, creamy texture! Dash along the lash line and smudge with a brush or your finger for a soft, smoldering effect. May also be set with a matching powder eyeshadow to intensify color and extend wear! Length: 4.75", Weight: 0.04 oz. / 1.13gm. Yield 50 - 175 applications.

  • Ben Nye Liquid Eyeliner
    90,00 kr.

    Clean, crisp lines are made with Ben Nye's Liquid Eye Liner! Smudge and water resistant, these dense colors apply effortlessly from a precise brush! Size: 0.17floz. / 5ml.

  • Ben Nye Precision Eyeliner
    150,00 kr.

    New from Ben Nye! Have full control of the look you're going for with this easy-to-use felt-tipped brush! "Flick" on a cat eye with ease or subtly dash the lash line with dots for natural definition. Water-resistant with a contoured handle for easy gripping. Size: 0.034fl.oz / 1ml. Length: 5 1/4in. / 133mm.

  • Graftobian ProPencil Eyeliner
    100,00 kr.

    Accentuate your gaze with vibrance and detail with our rich, Italian-made, professional length, 18 cm pencils. Colors glide on with smooth accuracy. Create a clean line with a single stroke, or use the softness of the pencil to smudge into a smoky eye. Available in 9 highly requested eye shades!

  • Grimas Makeup Pencil KOHL 101 11 cm
    39,00 kr.

    Om Grimas Makeupblyant, Sort, KOHL 101, 11 cm

    Makeup blyant der kan bruges til øjne (eyeliner) til øjenbryn eller læber (lipliner).

  • Grimas Makeup Pencil Mørkebrun 566 11 cm
    39,00 kr.

    Om Grimas Makeupblyant, Mørkebrun, 566, 11 cm

    Makeup blyant der kan bruges til øjne (eyeliner) til øjenbryn eller læber (lipliner).

  • Kryolan Cake eye liner
    105,00 kr.

    PRODUKTKODE: 05321/00 DETALJER: 3.5 g

    Cake Eye Liner er en kompakt eyeliner i elegant emballage, som påføres fugtig. På grund af dens fantastiske formular er denne eyeliner specielt farve intensiv og langtidsholdbar. Hvis den bliver påført med Cake Eyeliner Sealer er den plamage og vandtæt.

  • Kryolan Cake Eye Liner Sealer-
    115,00 kr.

    Cake Eye Liner Sealer is an innovative preparation created especially for the professional make-up artist to effectively help provide perfect eye make-up. Cake Eye Liner Sealer seals the applied eye liner, enhances its durability and improves moisture resistance. The sealer is thinly applied over the eye liner after it has dried. This sealer preparation can, however, also be directly employed to line the eyelid: the brush is first wet with Cake Eye Liner Sealer and the moist brush is then used to apply Cake Eye Liner. Details: 15 ml

  • Kryolan Cake Eye Liner Set 5 Colors-Standard 1
    234,00 kr.

    Cake Eye Liner in a practical mirror set with 5 colors. Cake Eye Liner is a moist-applied compact eye liner in an elegant packaging. Due to its extraordinary formulation Cake Eye Liner is specially color intensive and longlasting. Applied with Cake Eye Liner Sealer it is smudge and waterproof. Details: 7.5 g

  • Paris Berlin Liquid Eyeliner - Le Calligraphe
    126,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Ultra Fine Waterproof Eyeliner - Le Calligraphe is an ultraprecise eyeliner with deep pigment, for an impressive result every time! This "non-sticky" formula stands against heat, humidity, tears and late night! Contains emollient och preservative Vitamin-E och glycerin. Big time favourite among Makeup Artist`s and individual user.

  • Paris Berlin Longlasting Eye Pencil - Le Crayon Yeux
    70,00 kr.

    Paris Berlin Long Lasting Eye Pencil in gorgeous colours with a consistency that allows an easy application. This pro eyepencil never ever dries out! Recommended by Gina Brooke, private Makeup artist for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian etc.

    • 5 stunning colours.
    • Very high durability.
    • 18cm

  • Paris Berlin Waterproof Eye Pencil - Smoking
    110,00 kr.

    Create beautifully blended smokey eyes with Paris Berlin Smokey Eye Pencil. This waterproof eye pencil has a creamy texture for easy-defining and contouring of the eyes. The silky long-lasting Smokey Eye Pencil is resistant to water, tears, heat and humidity for a perfect look that stays put all day long.

    • Paraben free
    • Vegan
    • Not tested on animals
    • Hypoallergenic