• Ben Nye Creme Eyeliner Pencil
    kr. 150,00

    Ben Nye's Creme Eyeliner Pencil offers eye-appealing opacity in a moist, creamy texture! Dash along the lash line and smudge with a brush or your finger for a soft, smoldering effect. May also be set with a matching powder eyeshadow to intensify color and extend wear! Length: 4.75", Weight: 0.04 oz. / 1.13gm. Yield 50 - 175 applications.

  • Ben Nye Eyeshadow Matt - Refill - ER
    kr. 110,00

    Search no longer for a plethora of color in matte finishes with Ben Nye's Pressed Eye Shadows! Contour, enhance and define the eyes with smooth, silky shadows available in over 40 rich shades. Line the lashes with a thin, angled brush either damp or dry for clean lines or smoky effects. With everything from necessary neutrals to bold brights, these shadows are packaged in a sleek black, matte, rubberized coating container with a hinged snap cover closure. May also be applied wet! Size: 0.12oz / 3.5gm. Yield 25-150 applications.

  • Premium Powder Puff Pink 10 cm
    kr. 69,00

    PRODUKTKODE: 01720/00 DETALJER: ø 10 cm

    Premium Powder Puff, håndsyet fra det fineste af sort europæisk brillant bomuld fløjl, med vaskbar svamp i. Den korte fløjls bunke med høj densitet er særligt effektiv til påføring af pudder. Denne pudder puff kan forsigtigt maskinvaskes med vaskepulver lavet til fine stoffer.
  • Mehron Paradise AQ - Water Activated Makeup
    kr. 80,00kr. 90,00

    Mehron’s world famous, premium quality, water-based face and body painting makeup available individually or in five different 8-color palettes. The semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup palettes are available in a variety of matte finish collections: Basics, Pastels, Tropicals, Nuance, and Metallic Brïllant shades. Our Brïllant collection contains highly pigmented, shimmery metallic hues. Paradise Makeup AQ™ is available in a 1.4 oz. jar, .25 oz. jar, an 8 color palette and a deluxe 30 color palette. We also offer a 12 slot jar holder artist palette to keep everything well organized (holds the 1.4 oz. size). Paradise Makeup AQ™ is available in a kaleidoscope of colors and finishes, it is the preferred choice of award-winning artists around the globe. Available in a large pro size 1.4 oz (40 g) container How to use this product: Paradise Makeup AQ™ is activated with a small amount of water. Some colors require a little more water, some a little less. Moisten the sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream or desired consistency. Barrier Spray can be used to remain water resistant. To remove, lather with soap and rinse with water. cruelty-free-w.jpg  vegan-w.jpg

  • Ben Nye Lipstick
    kr. 160,00

    Channel your inner brazenness with Ben Nye's Lipsticks! Forty-four ingenious, sophisticated and downright daring shades colorize your pout in a rich, moist base that lasts throughout the hours. Endless color combinations will keep you creating! "Ice" shades contain a burst of shimmer.  

  • Kryolan Tv Paint Stick
    kr. 225,00

    Succesfuldt bevist creme makeup i stift form. Den specielle base af TV Paint Stick muliggør en smidig makeup påføring, der samtidig giver en effektiv dækning. Kryolan sortimentet med mere end 250 farve nuancer til udvælgelse er virkelig ekstraordinært - hvilket gør dette præparat uundværligt til scene, film, tv, video arbejde og meget mere.

  • Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation
    kr. 150,00

    Finally, HD quality without the HD price! Ben Nye's Matte HD Foundation provides a versatile blend of high pigmentation and natural coloring in a light, smooth texture. Say goodbye to color-matching woes with a superb color selection for all skin tones! Ideal for combination to oily skin types. For flawless application, apply as needed to even out skin tone. For lighter coverage, apply with a moistened sponge. Blend several shades for increased color matching accuracy! Size: 0.5oz / 14gm. Yield 35-60 applications.

  • Ben Nye Powder Blush Rouge & Contour
    kr. 150,00

    Discover the expressive colors of Ben Nye's Powder Cheek Rouge! Soft, natural, vivid and dramatic, choose your look from over 30 distinct shades. Intense color payoff is packaged in a sleek black, matte, rubberized coating container with a hinged snap cover closure. Layer colors for a custom contoured shade or soften and mute with a loose powder. Size: 0.12oz / 3.5gm. Yield 100-250 applications.

  • La Riche Directions Semi-permanent Hair Dye
    kr. 65,00

    Directions er semi-permanent hårfarve i en masse forskellige nuancer, som normalt vaskes ud efter et par hårvaske. Uden ammoniak, peroxid eller PPD og har en streng “No animal testing” politik, er disse semipermanente hårfarver ikke bare det mest moderigtige valg, men også en af de mest sikre.

  • 3M Hair-set Toupee Tape Strips
    kr. 115,00

    Double-sided, transparent 12mm x 50mm adhesive tape strips for toupees. Also useful for attaching some prosthetics, as well as false moustaches and beards, especially when they need to be removed fast during quick changes between scenes. Also popular with dancers for use as clothing tape, for microphones when filming and for setting wigs in place.

  • Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray
    kr. 100,00kr. 425,00

    Finish your look by making it smudge-proof and water-resistant! Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer locks in your look for hours of performing, entertaining or braving the weather. Keeps makeup in place, even through heavy perspiration!

  • Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax
    kr. 90,00

    Ben Nye's Nose & Scar Wax manipulates the appearance of real skin to imitate all sorts of fleshly distortions! Feign a broken nose, a witch's chin or bullet holes with this moldable yet firm medium. Wax is translucent to emulate real skin! Set on top of a thin film of Spirit Gum Adhesive and seal off your creation with Liquid Latex for supreme durability. Yield 4-25 applications per ounce.